About Us



Since 1998, Associated Title Group, Inc. has become a favorite with clients, lenders and real estate professionals because of our friendly and professional staff.  Although having a great staff is important, the critical feature that our clients want accuracy and follow through.  In today’s economic climate, lacking either means loss of opportunity.

Associated Title Group, Inc. was a pioneer in the in-home settlement concept and, in fact, we conduct most of our settlements out of office.  This means that, when practical, we come to you at your home or office to make your experience more efficient and less strenuous.

Our mission is to make the settlement process enjoyable and stress-free for the client.


Problem Solvers

Where possible, we find creative, legitimate solutions to complex cases.


We help our clients whenever needed, even if it’s NOT our deal.

Forward Thinking

Our team prides themselves on innovation to make our process seamless.

Education & Training

Specialized training for your top agents & partners making sure they are prepared for changes.

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